Brentwood Golf Course

All four Summerset neighborhoods and the Brentwood Golf Course flow seamlessly together but are unrelated, separate and distinctly different properties. The Brentwood Golf Club and Summerset 1 property owners, along with the HOA, are  related as neighbors the same as the way you are related to your adjacent properties. Each neighbor being responsible for their own upkeep. Summerset 1 owners are advised that the golf course has its risks and at times can be a very dangerous place.  Summerset 1 residents are also advised that allowing family, friends or pets to walk or play on the golf course, or strolling along the cart path, is not permitted at any time. Trail permits for your golf cart can be obtained at the Pro Shop which allows private carts on the course while playing golf.  Book tee times at 925-516-3400 or at  The golf course is home to many species of wildlife, including ducks, geese, birds, squirrels, rabbits and, occasionally, coyotes. Residents are cautioned to not let their pets run free.